October 28, 2011

Fuse Message Broker Update

I pushed out a big update to the Fuse Message Broker library today. It includes a new product introduction that should be more informative. It also includes the first stab at documentation for administrators. Naturally, there are a collection of other little updates.
The long term goal is to reorganize the existing content to be more task oriented. That will happen as we fill in the gaps over the next year.

October 19, 2011

Goggle Docs Mobile

Yesterday I had to do some reasonably simple edits to a document in Google Docs, but I was away from my computer. I didn't think much of it since I had my iPad and Google Docs supposedly has a mobile interface.
Let's just say that I have significantly less hair after the experience. The mobile version of Google Docs was better before they allowed "editing". Now all you can do is add text to a document that doesn't have tables. You cannot add formatting or do any sort of work with a table-even the rudimentary stuff you can do in the desktop version. The document management features are similarly hobbled. I don't see the point unless it is to encourage people to use Android powered gadgets.
In frustration, I decided to switch to the desktop version of Google Docs figuring the iPad's screen was big enough. Sadly I kept getting scripting warnings. Sometimes I would get a few minutes before things went pare shaped. Often, however, I could barely get the interface to load. It was crappy all around.
I don't see the point in offering a half assed experience like that. If you are going to play the consumer friendly, open company then build consumer friendly products that work well!