June 16, 2013

Change is Funny

I changed jobs about two months ago. My prior gig was like eating ramen noodles. You survive, but have heartburn, a headache, and lethargy. In trying to identify the issue I kept coming back to the crazy way they did things. The processes were painfully rediculous and there was no will to change them. There was also the crazy need to build all the tools in house.

The funny thing is that my new gig, which is like a breath of fresh air, has all of the same problems. The current processes are, if anything, more crazy. The tools also built entirely in house.

The biggest difference is that I believe in the new company. The entire company is focused on building the best quality product possible. They believe in investing where it is needed. They take the long view on product planning. It feels good to believe.

At my previous company, didn't believe. I felt like a cog in a machine that was finly tuned to poop out good enough product as efficiently as possible. It wasn't a good feeling. When I feel like I could work at 1/2 speed and still be overachieving, I check out.

So I checked out.