May 17, 2012

New Content and a New Format

FuseSource just released enterprise versions of their message broker and ESB. In addition we released a new management console and a new version of Fuse IDE. Together the products aim to make it easy for companies to consume open source integration technology.
As part of the effort to make the technology easier to consume, we beefed up the documentation. We continued the upgrades to the messaging documentation. We added some more introductory information and overview documentation. We did more work on making the content more procedural as well.
The most exciting thing, at for me, was introducing ePub versions of all of books. Now users can access the content offline on their mobile devices including iPad, Android, Nooks, and any other e-reader.
Getting the DocBook to ePub transform to work in our build environment has been a long term goal of mine. The DocBook XSLT project comes with support for ePub, but it requires running support programs. I needed it to all work using just XSLT and Ant which proved harder than I had anticipated. The support programs are just used to do the packaging, so I figured that it would be easy to use Ant scripts to do the packaging. I was wrong. Getting everything in the right place was tricky, but the real catch was getting the encoding right. There were also some issues with namespaces getting in the way. The community, as always, was helpful in sorting through the issues.
Check out the end result in the Fuse MQ Enterprise and Fuse ESB Enterprise at the FuseSource Documentation page.

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