April 11, 2012

Fuse Enterprise and EPubs

FuseSource just released a public beta of our Enterprise open source integration products. The idea behind the Enterprise versions of the products is to make the underlying Apache software more accessible for typical enterprise customers. A big part of that push was around improving the documentation and examples. We took a long look at our content and tried to reorganize it to be more user task oriented as opposed to feature oriented. We also tried to add more "intro" level content. It was quite a bit of work and it is still on going.
Another thing the doc team added to make the content more accessible is add a new publication format: EPUb. All of the documentation for the enterprise products are available in EPub and look great on iPads. Most of the work for making this happen was done by the excellent people who work on the DocBook XSLT project. Using the work they did on transforming DocBook into EPub along with help from them on the mailing list, I managed to integrate the EPub transforms into our publication system.
Check them out at Fuse MQ Enterprise Documentation and Fuse ESB Enterprise Documentation