January 12, 2012

FuseSource has Documentation

I find it frustrating that so few people, people who use our products, realize the amount of documentation FuseSource offers on their products. I was talking to some users the other day who were shocked to discover that FuseSource offerers Javadoc for Fuse ESB.
It rapidly becomes clear that people who complain about our documentation are usually complaining about the documentation they find at the Apache projects that make up the core of our offerings. I understand their frustration with the information on the Apache sites. It is often outdated, confusing, and hard to search. It is written by ninjas for other ninjas.
The FuseSource Documentation team writes professional, versioned content targeted at more typical corporate IT professionals. We strive to make the content task oriented and relevant. We use better sample code, vet the content for accuracy, and organize it so that it can be searched effectively.
Our documentation can be found at:
Fuse ESB
Fuse Message Broker
Fuse Mediation Router
Fuse Services Framework
It is available for free and, hopefully, is useful. We love to get feedback, so if you find issues or have ideas about how we can improve the content, leave feedback in the comment forms on the bottom of the pages. One of the writers will get back to you pretty quick.

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