August 14, 2011

Fuse IDE Videos

The FuseSource doc team has been working on perfecting our ability to make high quality video tutorials. I tried a free tool called Wink which did OK, but lacked the polish of professional tools.
Part of the problem was also my lack of voice talent. My voice is perfect for mime and I really have a hard time reading off of a script - even one that I wrote.
Fintan Bolton started using Camtasia about a month ago and has had much better luck. Camtasia has some excellent editing and production tools. It can do zooms and transitions. It also has some nice audio editing tools.
Fintan also has an excellent voice talent on hand. His wife has a good radio voice and she can read a script well. Her voice over is clear and easy on the ears.
He has done two excellent videos that show Fuse IDE in action:
* Message Browsing and Tracing
* Throttler EIP

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